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Neirostorm – international agency focused on human-centered transformation at commercial and government organizations.

Our team consists of the multidisciplinary specialists from Russia, Kazakhstan, United Kingdom and U.S. We help to implement human-centered approach within company's transformation, development and evolution processes. We are working with various industries, such as Government, FMCG, HORECA, development, finance, IT, media, retail and social.

The main mistake in creating a development or transformation team is that organization considers processes and technologies as a priority to business, moving people at the back. Therefore, many changes are not implemented and remain in dreams or on paper. As a result people are feeling uncomfortable, dissatisfied, unmotivated and sometimes unnecessary.

Worldwide experience shows that best approach to use is to focus on people first and keep their needs as a priority. The company should concentrate on the person and his needs and develop procedural, technological changes afterwards.

Our team will help to reduce risks and speed up the process of human-centered approach implementation to achieve long-term and sustainable result.
Our services
Expertise and consultation

Team education and development

Projects support and delivery

Design Thinking Lab

Algorithm R.E.D.
development and projects transformation methodology based on human-centered approach
Business and digital architecture design, value proposition, business model and ecosystem development
Stakeholders research, problem analysis, design research, trend watching, etc.
Roadmap development for project implementation, team recruitment and training, support at sprints and meetings, identification of key metrics and control points, etc.
David Tuganov
head of transformation and change management practice
Serg Lookas
head of design thinking practice and service design
Zhenis Dossov
head of business consulting practice
Zarina Satubaldina
design thinking facilitator, certified group and individual coach
Pelageya Morozova
Analyst and facilitator
Irina Slastenko
Partner of the Russian Federation
UX/UI expert
Santosh Dubei
Partner UK
Digital Architect
Tatyana Prohorova
Partner of the Russian Federation
Service design expert
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